Tailored Training for engineers

The work you do is highly specialised. So your staff need tailored training to keep their competitive edge.

Organisations with a busy workforce need control over when training is delivered. You may only have a small time window when teams are available to do the training.

Organisations with unique expertise also need input into the course content. General principles aren’t enough. You need industry best practice integrated with the way you work.

Our tailored training delivers on all fronts.

Why tailored training?

Flexibility: you choose the date, the place and even the length of the course. Compress the timeline for an intensive course to get everyone up to speed quickly. Or add more time to explore a topic in depth.

Customisation: we customise content at any level you need, from inserting relevant examples to creating a new course from scratch.

Value: For groups of six or more, tailored training is up to 30% less expensive than standard scheduled training. You save even more on staff travel and accommodation when we deliver training closer to home.

Trust: We’re backed by Engineers Australia  - the trusted voice of the profession, so you can have confidence in the integrity and reliability of our training.

How it works

Our process is straightforward, from first contact to completed delivery.

1. Choose your time and place

We deliver training anywhere in Australia, at any time.

2. Choose the duration

Do you need a one-day intensive? Training delivered in shifts? We make it work.

3. Design the format

We set up a three-way conversation: you, our facilitator (also an expert in their field), and our client manager. Together, we design the training for maximum value in your timeframe.

Get in touch

Email us on — we’ll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your training needs and how we can help.


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