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Welcome to the Professional Year in Engineering

Thank you for your recent application.
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It is an expectation and requirement that all students maintain a 100% attendance rate during their Professional Year program (during classes and the internship). Should you be late to any of your classes, this will be recorded by your teacher. If you are ill and cannot attend your class, you should notify your provider before your scheduled class time. In the instance that you miss class due to an illness, you must provide supporting evidence (i.e. Medical certificate). If you are unable to do so, it will be recorded as you being absent.

If you know that you will be absent from the program for any period of time, it is important that you notify your provider and also EEA in advance so arrangements can be made for you to make up the classes missed if possible. (Please see Deferral and Transfers for more information). The work placement is an important and valuable part of the Professional Year. If you’re sick during the placement period, you are required to notify both your host company and your provider immediately. Whilst your provider will have processes in place for you to notify them of absences, when it comes to your work placement, it is not sufficient or professional to send a text message or an email to advise of absence. A phone call to your supervisor is the only accepted way.

Deferrals and Transfers

If for any reason you need to defer the commencement date of your Professional Year or your continuance in the program, you must submit a request by completing the Deferral and Transfer form and submit it to your provider and EEA.

If for any reason you require a transfer to a different cohort, you must submit a request on the Deferral and Transfer form to both your provider and EEA.

The form required for both transfers and deferrals is available for download below. On the form you must advise the reasoning and also supply evidence to support your case. You will also need to pay a fee of $100 to your provider upon submission of your request. Once your form has been submitted to EEA a decision will then be made and you will be notified whether it has been approved or declined.

NOTE: If you have elected an instalment option for your program fees, your payments must be continued to be paid at the scheduled time as outlined on the invoice. Failure to do so could result in you being unable to recommence the program and a collection agency being engaged to recover the funds at your expense.


If for any reason you wish to withdraw from the program, you will need to complete the Withdrawal Form available below and send it to both EEA and your provider. Any outstanding fees will need to be paid in full as outlined in the Terms and Conditions that were signed on the application form. Failure to do so may result in a collection agency being engaged to recover the funds at your own expense.

Professional Year Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Student Forms section below to view the EEA policies and the Professional Year Terms and Conditions.


To get you started:

Here are some links to some web pages that may be worth a read during your Professional Year. It is recommended that you read through the Stage 1 competencies just before heading into your internship to refresh your memory of what will be expected of you as a Professional Engineer.

Become a part of the Engineers Australia elite membership community

As part of the Professional Year program, you will be eligible to receive an Engineers Australia membership with the cost included in your Professional Year fees.

Staff from the EA member services team will contact you and ask you to fill out the Engineers Australia membership form once you have commenced the program.

Keep up to date with the engineering industry by signing up to these:

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  • Click here to sign up for e-news updates form Sourceable, Industry News and Analysis.

Work Placement and Events Report

It is mandatory participants complete the work placement and events report in order to successfully complete the Professional Year Program. The report is made up of four sections, section one and two should detail your learned experience within the work placement component of the program. Section four is the continued professional development event report. Participants must attend a minimum of four organised events as this is a compulsory part of the Professional Year Program.

Important: Two events must be technical and the other two must be non-technical. At least two events should be hosted by Engineers Australia. Check the Engineers Australia website here for events available in your state.

  • Technical events must be of a technical nature and directly related to engineering
  • Non-technical events are organised events with other engineers and where information regarding people skills, communication skills, work environments, career development, interview skills, mentoring, management or leadership was presented/discussed by a speaker/presenter in a formal setting. The event will allow participants to network with other engineers. 

When completing the comment field for technical and non-technical events, participant must provide the following information for:

  • technical events -  what was the event about?, what did you learn from attending the event?, how did the technical event help you as an engineer?
  • non-technical events -  what was the event about?, what did you learn from attending the event?, how did the non-technical events help you improve their networking skills?

Once the participant have completed the relevant sections of the report, send the document to the professional year mailbox at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that we cannot report a status to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) if the report is not submitted. Completion letters and certificates will not be issued until the report has been submitted and approved by our team. 

****Covid-19 Update - In response to community concerns about gathering in groups and use of public transport, EEA has temporarily suspended the requirement for Professional Year students to attend Engineers Australia (EA) events as part of completion of your Professional Year program.

We have also revised the Work Placement Report (see below under Student Forms) to cover the internship without events requirement.

We are monitoring the situation and will continue to communicate with you through your Professional Year provider.

Student forms

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