Introduction to Earthing using Quantitative Risk

Engineering context

The latest revision to the AS2067 standard has changed the way design compliance for earthing systems is achieved. With an expectation that it will become the primary standard for HV earthing system design and earthing system management, there is an increasing emphasis on assessing quantitative risk in the design process. That is, rather than demonstrating a potential hazard is below a target voltage level, designers and asset owners are now required to demonstrate that the level of risk posed is acceptable and that all reasonable precautions have been taken.

In this one-day workshop, you will explore the potential risks in design, what constitutes as acceptable risk management and the legal position of risk. Using the Energy networks Association’s (ENA) tool, Argon, you will also learn how to calculate the risk posed by earthing related hazards and assets.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to apply standards such as EG-0 and AS2067 as part of the design process. You’ll also be able to apply risk to situations affecting individuals and assets.

Build your Chartered competencies

This training course builds skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

6. Identify, assess and manage risks
7. Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Learn more about Chartered Status.

*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee a competency, it provides participants with the underpinning knowledge required to develop specific Chartered competencies.

Introduction to Earthing using Quantitative Risk
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Is this course for you?

This course is for you if you’re involved with the ownership, management, design or assessment of electrical assets. 

Additionally, if you are involved with making decisions regarding earthing systems and their components, particularly where those decisions require prioritisation of works, or the setting of policies, then this course will prove both insightful and revealing.

Your facilitator for this course

Stephen Palmer is an earthing specialist with extensive experience in earthing system management, design, audit and testing, lightning protection systems and induction risk management across a range of industries.

For over 17 years Stephen has investigated and managed the risks associated with earthing, lightning protection and interference. As the leader of a team of 25 consultants and researchers, his experience extends well beyond the technical aspects of the field.
Stephen has delivered formal earthing training for more than a decade and is now the Engineering Director of Safearth Consulting, an internationally recognised earthing specialist firm involved in consulting, research and development and training.

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