Deep Foundation Engineering

Engineering context

Australian Standard AS2159-2009 Piling – Design and Installation is the roadmap for this course, which guides participants through the most important aspects of deep foundation engineering.

On completion of the course you’ll have an enhanced understanding of the intent, obligations and practical implementation of the standard. You’ll also learn about site investigation for deep foundations; geotechnical and structural design processes and requirements; construction techniques; materials and durability considerations; testing methods and verification philosophies.

Also covered in this two-day course are fundamentals of conceptual design, quality assurance and control strategies, foundation monitoring, specification development principles and foundation acceptance and sign-off.

Build your Chartered competencies

This training course builds skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

6.   Identify, assess and manage risks
7.   Meet legal and regulatory requirements
11. Judgement
12. Advanced engineering knowledge
13. Local engineering knowledge
14. Problem analysis
15. Creativity and innovation
16. Evaluation

Learn more about Chartered Status.

*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee a competency, it provides participants with the underpinning knowledge required to develop specific Chartered competencies.

Deep Foundation Engineering
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Is this course for you?

This course is for you if you’re involved in planning, designing, constructing or testing deep foundations. Civil, geotechnical and structural engineers, project managers, inspectors, site engineers and other construction personnel will find this course particularly useful.

Those without some previous knowledge of soil mechanics may find the design-related sections of this course challenging. Please read the prerequisite section below.


  • A Civil Engineering or Geology degree or diploma training, or 
  • At least 3 years of experience working on projects involving deep foundations.

Your facilitator for this course

Dr Julian Peter Seidel has 27 years of professional experience as a geotechnical engineer specialising in deep foundations, with particular expertise in pile dynamics and rock socketed piles.

He has been employed as a senior engineer with general and specialist geotechnical and foundation engineering consultants. He has also worked as a government road authority, a specialist deep foundation contractor, and as a senior lecturer and researcher at a university.

His broad and extensive experience makes Dr Seidel uniquely placed to advise on the planning, commissioning, design, installation and verification of structural foundations, with a focus on efficiency and constructability.

Dr Ben Collingwood has 20 years’ experience, as a geotechnical engineer having worked for a leading infrastructure contractor and geotechnical consultant, as well as national piling contractor, Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd prior to joining FSG. During this time he was responsible for tendering, design, project engineering and project and construction management for over 350 commercial foundation construction contracts, including some of the largest and most challenging piling projects in Australia.

He has a detailed understanding of deep foundation systems including bored piling, CFA piling, driven precast, steel and timber piling, sheet piling, piled retention systems, diaphragm walls, soil mixing and cut-off walls.

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