Managing Construction Contracts

Engineering context

A construction project of any significance involves contracts. An understanding of how to draft, interpret and manage such legal documents can be the difference between a project’s success or failure.

This workshop introduces participants to the idiosyncrasies of construction contracts and the complexities in managing the risk, changes and multiple stakeholders involved in a multi-tiered, long term project delivery.

Experienced legal professionals will demonstrate how to deal with typical issues arising under construction contracts including change; scope creep; variations; delays; site conditions; non-performance; claims and dispute management. The Australian Standards for contracts (AS2124 and AS4000) will also be explained, with reference to recent case law interpretations of provisions or clauses.

Upon completion, you will be able to confidently read and interpret common construction contracts, deal with typical issues, know when and how to apply claims and clauses, and have an understanding of how to comply with the Australian legal system.

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Build your Chartered competencies

This training course builds skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

1. Deal with ethical issues
6. Identify, assess and manage risks
7. Meet legal and regulatory requirements

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*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee a competency, it provides participants with the underpinning knowledge required to develop specific Chartered competencies.

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This workshop assumes significant industry experience and a basic understanding of contracts. For an introductory level contract course, we offer:

Online delivery now available

This course can be delivered online as part of our Virtual Workshop program. Adapted for the online learning environment, our Virtual Workshops are interactive and outcomes-based.

Content, duration and format can also be customised for corporate clients through our Tailored Training services.

Managing Construction Contracts


"Engaging and thought provoking" - Queenie, 2019

"Good relevant information in an area that is constantly changing and subject to adversarial issues when it goes wrong" - Geoff, 2019

"The explanation of topics with case studies helped to understand them much more." - Michael, 2019

"Good to have a lawyer [as the facilitator] to explain contract management using real cases and examples" - participant, 2019

What was most valuable?

"Understanding specific clauses in the contract that can directly impact on construction processes" - participant, 2019

"Discussion of specific legal topics - damages, defect liability period, privity, and reference to case studies" - participant, 2019

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Is this course for you?

This workshop is designed for engineers and related professionals with 5 – 8 years’ experience.

Particularly useful for project managers, contract and procurement professionals, site staff, and those new to construction project teams or management.

Your facilitator for this course

Sean McCarthy is the Director of McCarthy Commercial and Construction Lawyers and has extensive experience in providing advice on construction and general contracts. As a lawyer, Sean has advised both government and private sector clients on a host of major projects and contract claims.  He worked in the building and construction industry for many years prior to studying law. Sean is an active educator on construction matters. Sean, as both a qualified training professional and experienced lawyer, brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to the courses he facilitates.  

Margaret Andre is a Senior Lawyer with McCarthy Commercial and Construction Lawyers who specialises in contract law having advised and represented a wide range of parties on their rights, obligations and risk exposure under a contract.  She has particular expertise in the building and construction sector and experience in dispute resolution of contract claim by way of mediation, adjudication, arbitration and court processes. Margaret has extensive experience as an educator and endeavours to create an enthusiastic, collaborative learning environment by scaffolding on the skills and experience of course participants.

Both Sean and Margaret are involved on a daily basis in advising clients in the construction sector on the management of their contracts to optimise delivery outcomes.

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