Leading Safety Culture

Engineering context

Looking forward, safety remains the focus of most business sectors domestically and internationally, increasingly so in the mining, oil and gas, power, transport, construction and other high-risk industries. Lessons learnt over the last two decades have provided clarity on areas that provide the greatest safety returns, most notably safety leadership, culture and workplace behaviours.

With many industries seeking to have further positive impact on safety, beyond those gained through traditional safety systems and approaches, the design of this program, seeks to redress this gap.

This two-day course forms part two of the Safety Leadership Program, for those who have undertaken basic safety training, have field experience in the traditional safety approaches, and completed the Safety Leadership Fundamentals course. 

The course seeks to further clarify what “safety culture” is and to explore how it can be measured through the three accepted components of safety systems, symbols and behaviours. The course will tie these principles to individual business safety culture survey results to identify required actions. In addition, participants will explore these gaps and how to plan to resolve them supported through the processes involved in planning, managing and embedding cultural change.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain insight into your preferred management/leadership style through using the DiSC Management Profile tool
  • Reflect on any gains as a result of auctioning plans made in the Safety Fundamentals course
  • Develop an understanding of how safety culture works and is measured
  • Compare your organizational safety culture and corresponding data to the preferred safety culture
  • Understand and prepare to engage teams and your organisation as a whole in safety culture change
  • Develop skills to manage and embed the change process

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Is this course for you?

This course is ideal for engineers, managers and leaders from any discipline or industry that are exposed directly or indirectly to high risk activities.

This course is not role/task specific but seeks to create self-awareness in and empower all levels within a business to manage and lead safety, independently of the role/task hierarchy.


Participants need to have completed the Safety Leadership Fundamentals course.

Your facilitator for this course

Andrew Gregory has 33 years experience in education, the last 17, in organisational learning, development and cultural change. The motivation for his work is driven by a passion for adult learning methodologies, advanced experiential facilitation techniques, learning through play and reflection.

He has worked at diverse levels and sectors within learning and development, creating solutions for technical, role specific, management, leadership, safety and cultural change needs.

He achieves this through engaging leaders, managers and teams in partnership with key stakeholders to challenge existing learning and development culture paradigms, advancing the principles of customised experiential learning and coaching solutions, through the use of technology and evidence based decision making.


Martin Gregory’s role as facilitator and consultant spans 30 years. He is passionate about making a difference through leadership and learning and has a flexible and personable approach which makes him a popular and effective facilitator and coach.

Martin works with managers and teams to improve personal and organisational performance with extensive experience in the community, public, resource, construction and manufacturing sectors. He works with clients to design and deliver safety leadership programs to support the safety culture they desire.

He was a founding member and part owner of MODAL Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading organisational development firms for 20 years.

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