Rigging Fundamentals

Engineering context

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In this course, we will be going over the fundamentals of rigging in the construction industry. This information can carry over into the manufacturing and material handling industries as well. We will start with going over center of gravity, weights, and reactions and then move on to individual components of rigging. We will walk through rigging safety and major laws that affect the industry. After learning about the components, we will work through basic lifting lug design and spreader design. Then, we will complete full rigging design on modules from the lug to the crane hook. After this course, a person should be able to start with a piece to lift and be able to design a complete rigging system to safely and efficiently lift that piece.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and calculate the center of gravity of a piece and know its significance.
  • Identify individual pieces of rigging and understand their intended use.
  • Calculate reaction loads going to each lifting point.
  • Design a basic lifting lug and a rigging system to lift a module.
  • Size a basic lifting spreader.
  • Identify and understand critical information required to size and design lifting components.
  • Describe practical safety guidelines related to rigging.
  • Identify and size adjustable rigging components and understand when they may be required.
  • Describe where to find rigging information and the various manufacturers of the components.

Rigging Fundamentals

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Course Details

Course Dates:
25 January - 16 April, 2021

12 weeks
$1895 USD
(1610.75 USD with 15% discount)

Is this course for you?

  • Field engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Construction managers
  • Structural engineers
  • Experienced crane operators

Full Course Outline


  • Center of gravity: what is it, how to find it, how to calculate it, why is it important
  • Weight: how to find it, how to calculate it, why is it important
  • Reactions: finding reactions based on rigging set ups based on center of gravity, how it effects rigging
  • Rigging safety: codes, laws, practical safety guidelines


  • Slings: types, specific uses, capacities, safety issues and factors, pitfalls, sling arrangements
  • Shackles: types, specific uses, capacities, safety issues and factors, pitfalls
  • Wire rope: types, specific uses, capacities, safety issues and factors
  • Rigging components: types, specific uses, capacities, safety issues and factors


  • Lug design: types of lug set ups, loads to the lugs, connections to the lug, codes that apply to the design
  • Spreader sizing: types of spreaders, loads to the spreader, connections to the spreader, codes that apply to the design
  • Lift beam sizing: types of lift beams, loads to the lift beam, connections to the lift beam, codes that apply to the design

WEEKS 10–12

  • Rigging design: different module types and how to configure different rigging systems to lift the particular pieces
  • Pros and cons to each set up

This course outline is subject to change.