Design and Construction of Microtunneling Projects

Engineering context

This course is run exclusively by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the internationally recognised leader in training for engineers and technical professionals.

Thanks to technical advances and increases in the utilisation of microtunneling over the past decade, small and medium diameter pipes are today being installed in virtually all ground conditions with a minimum of surface disturbance. Despite this shift in technology, microtunneling techniques incorporate many of the complexities and technical challenges of modern large diameter tunnels.

This three-day course is tailored for those interested in microtunneling and describes and reviews the technique in depth. It makes comparisons with other trenchless techniques such as horizontal directional drilling and discusses techniques for subsurface investigation and characterisation.

The course also examines the selection, sizing and construction of various shafts for tunneling, and key aspects of microtunnel design, specification, planning, monitoring and management, including risk assessment and management, as well as new trends and the state of the art in microtunneling.

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll be able to understand and specify the microtunneling method most suitable for a given set of soils, groundwater, tunnel diameter and depths. You’ll also be able to plan and specify a microtunneling project and understand the performance envelope for microtunneling.

Design and Construction of Microtunneling Projects
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Is this course for you?

This course is for you if you’re in the construction industry and looking for a firm grounding in modern microtunneling techniques and practices.

The course will be particularly useful for sewer, stormwater and utility managers, construction and project managers, engineers (both field and design office), construction supervisory personnel, construction cost estimators and graduate civil or geotechnical engineers

Your facilitator for this course

David G Abbott, Eur Ing., B.Eng C.Eng, M.I.C.E, M.ASCE has a B Eng degree from Liverpool University in England in civil engineering. He is a registered professional engineer throughout Europe and is presently an independent consultant.

David has nearly 40 years of experience in underground construction and has been actively involved in the design and construction of tunneling, pipe jacking, microtunneling and other forms of trenchless technology for many years.

His international experience is extensive; David has worked in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, as well as North, South and Latin America.

Andy Robinson has a B.Sc Civil Engineering degree from Aston University in Birmingham, UK and has over 30 years experience in the underground utility installation sector. His primary experience is in the fields of tunneling, underground space and trenchless technologies including tunneling, pipe jacking & microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, shaft works and jacked underground structures.

Andy specialises in underground design, construction management and Expert analysis and prior to entering the engineering services field had roles with both a tunneling contractor a tunneling plant manufacturer. His expertise covers all aspects of project development and support, from project evaluation and feasibility study through conceptual and detailed engineering design to equipment and materials selection, project construction and operations management, and dispute resolution. He has a strong practical understanding of geotechnical and geological conditions and their impact on the underground works and how they are constructed.

His international experience is extensive having worked on projects in Europe, SE and Far East Asia, North, South and Latin America, The Caribbean, the Middle East and Australasia. He has been at the forefront of developments and innovations in the trenchless technology, microtunneling and tunneling field and has been a team member on two projects that have previously been recipients of the Trenchless Technology “Project of the Year” award.

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