Construction Safety Due Diligence

Engineering context

Numerous laws apply to the construction environment and are vital in ensuring that all those involved in building projects are safe while they work.

This one-day course focuses on statute law, especially the model Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) legislation, as well as case or common law. It includes safety in design concerns relating to the application of the hierarchy of controls.

As a participant, you’ll learn about best practice safety analysis techniques - how and when they can be used and the meaning of their results. The use and abuse of hazard-based risk registers are also explored and an alternative, threat-barrier approach is described.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to define fundamental safety risk and due diligence concepts, apply top down risk management techniques to safety risk issues, apply generative information gathering techniques for organisational on-site safety, and identify and ensure that critical hazards (those that can kill or harm) are the primary focus of construction safety efforts.

Build your Chartered competencies

This training course builds skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

6. Identify, assess and manage risks
7. Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Learn more about Chartered Status.

*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee a competency, it provides participants with the underpinning knowledge required to develop specific Chartered competencies.

Construction Safety Due Diligence
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Is this course for you?

This is a course designed specifically for engineering professionals in the early stages of their careers.

Your facilitator for this course

Richard Robinson is Chairman of R2A Due Diligence Engineers. Richard is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and an Honorary Fellow of the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute. Richard has degrees in Engineering (Monash University) and Philosophy (University of Melbourne). He is the principal author of Engineering Due Diligence (11th edition 2019) which is used as a text by a number of Australian Universities.

Richard also facilitates courses on Introduction to Defensible Risk ManagementConstruction Safety Due Diligence and Project Due Diligence in construction for Engineering Education Australia. Richard was also a major contributor to the third revision of the Engineers Australia's safety case guideline.

Gaye Francis is an experienced risk and due diligence engineer and project manager with a diverse range of project experience collected over 15 years of consulting activities with R2A.

Gaye has worked with both private and government clients across a wide range of industries including road, rail, marine, mining, aviation and water.

As a Director at R2A, Gaye is involved in all aspects of the practice and oversees the consulting stream. She shares her expertise to help organisations minimise risk and maintain compliance with the law.

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