Managing Yourself and Others

Engineering context

We give leadership and responsibility a great deal of attention these days - and rightly so. But so much of that attention is placed on the management of others. When a person understands how their own attitude and demeanour affects colleagues, it makes a great deal of difference not just to a team but to an organisation.

Understanding and managing our own behaviour is therefore a central element of being a good and well-respected team leader. It can lead - directly or indirectly - to improved productivity, reduced staff turnover, lower absenteeism, increased individual wellbeing and improved team cohesion.

This one-day workshop aims to develop your skills in managing your own and others’ behaviour, with an emphasis on day-to-day interactions with colleagues.

Upon completion you’ll be able to identify principles of emotional intelligence, have an improved level of self-awareness, understand what drives you and others, deal more effectively with difficult situations, and have developed a range of strategies for dealing with conflict.

Build your Chartered competencies

This training course builds skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

2. Practise competently
3. Responsibility for engineering activities
8. Communication

Learn more about Chartered Status.

*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee a competency, it provides participants with the underpinning knowledge required to develop specific Chartered competencies.

Managing Yourself and Others
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This workshop is for you if you would like to improve how you interact with staff, management, clients and colleagues.

Your facilitator for this course

Adam Le Good has worked as an internal coach and professional mentor for over 20 years. He has conducted a variety of management development programs for clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Adam uses practical applications of management principles and a unique, humorous and theatrical style to ensure participants enjoy their learning experience and translate their newly acquired skills to the workplace. Adam has a sound knowledge of adult learning principles, a degree in psychology and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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