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Friday, 13 April 2018

Australian Rainfall and Runoff Workshop Launch

Australian Rainfall and Runoff Workshop Launch

A formalised training course has been rolled out for the 2016 update of the national guidelines on flood risk estimation.

Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) provides guidance and datasets to produce accurate and consistent flood studies and mapping to ensure communities, infrastructure and the environment can withstand the impact of extreme rainfall, flooding and storm surge.

The 2016 edition is the first major revision in 30 years. It is published and supported by the Commonwealth of Australia through Geoscience Australia, with technical contributions from Engineers Australia. The modernisation of the guidelines and the accompanying data and software takes into account the significant technological advances in rainfall and runoff assessment over the past three decades.

Contributing authors and editors of the revision project will facilitate this two-day training course, covering the guidelines, updates to the 2016 edition, accompanying tools, and application in the workplace.

Attending this course provides participants with an understanding of the updated guidelines and an appreciation of how consistent use reduces flood risk and contributes to the development of safe and sustainable infrastructure.

Meet the facilitators:

Mark Babister FIEAust CPEng NER is a national leader in water engineering, specialising in flood estimation and floodplain management. He has over thirty years’ experience in water engineering studies and has successfully led an extensive number of significant hydrologic, hydraulic, floodplain management, infrastructure and dam studies for a wide range of water managers and infrastructure owners. He is currently a Director at MWAwater.

Mark was the Chair of the Technical Committee for the ARR revision and an editor of the document.

In 2017 he received the Engineers Australia John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year award.

Rory Nathan FIEAust has over 35 years’ experience in engineering and environmental hydrology. He has spent the majority of his career in private industry, and now focuses his time on research and teaching.

Rory was a co-editor and contributing author of the 2016 revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff. He has been Australia’s representative on the International Committee of Large Dams floods committee and a member of the hydrology sub-committee of the NSW Dams Safety Council. He has published around 200 research papers on engineering and environmental hydrology in journals, books, and refereed conference proceedings.

Bill Weeks FIEAust CPEng NER RPEQ is a skilled hydrologist with over forty years’ experience in surface water and groundwater hydrology and hydraulics. He has worked on projects covering water resource assessments, flood studies, irrigation and water supply assessments, bridge and road embankment hydraulic studies and environmental studies.

Bill was a member of the Technical Committee and a co-editor for the 2016 revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

Australian Rainfall and Runoff Workshop

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