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Tuesday, 04 July 2017

What's underneath your next project?

What's underneath your next project?

In today’s competitive market, keeping work skills up-to-date and continuously advancing your professional development is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge.

With many other obligations such as work and personal and family commitments, having the option to learn online and study in your own time is critically important. Equally as important is the need to learn through a motivating and interactive online environment.

Engineering Education Australia has recently partnered with OpenLearning to deliver a series of online courses, designed specifically for engineers and related professionals.

OpenLearning has pioneered a change in online learning by fusing content and community with a suite of social tools inspired by the latest in social media technologies. Benefits of this style of online learning includes; becoming part of a strong network of like-minded professionals, exposure to broader perspectives, ideas, and approaches to projects, and convenience of learning at your own pace, anytime-anywhere.

The first course to be released through this platform is Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). This course is designed to introduce participants to the field of SUE and how its principles can be used to provide better information to design engineers that can in turn significantly reduce construction delays (and costs) and improve safety.

Course co-developers Roger Collins-Woolcock and Rob Sansbury from Wood & Grieve Engineers Ltd aim to help share the basics of SUE through this course so that there is a paradigm shift in the way subsurface utilities are managed by engineers during both the design and construction phases. “Australia as a whole is well behind the rest of the world in how it manages subsurface utilities largely because there is no ‘rule book’ that guides engineers during the design phase. Harsh experience has been the primary teacher of best practice for most Australian practitioners that work with underground pipes and cables. The quality, cost, time and safety benefits have been seen for many years in those countries that have adopted national SUE standards. We want to see those same benefits for Australian projects” says Collins-Woolcock.

During 2017 and 2018, engineering professionals and other related stakeholders will be upgrading AS5488 which is the Australian Standard relating to Subsurface Utility Information. Participants undertaking the course during this period will have the unique opportunity to contribute to and be aware of progress on the standards improvement process - something of particular interest to Sansbury. “Given that I am on the AS5488 upgrade committee…it affords myself a unique opportunity to provide meaningful feedback into a new training regime for others to learn quicker and better, as a result.”

Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering is now live on the OpenLearning platform.

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