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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Advancing women equals advancing engineering

Advancing women equals advancing engineering

In all industries, diversity is undeniably a key factor in making advancements, creating unique innovations and improving general productivity levels, and engineering is no different.

Women make up 51% of the world’s population but in many industries, including engineering, employment levels are low and this is something that needs to be rectified for the engineering sector to take the next step. But first, the women already in the industry need to be provided with the confidence, professional development and opportunities to advance.

Michelle Redfern, of Lighthouse, believes that “employees overwhelmingly want to feel valued in their workplace, so ensuring that women are recognised for their uniqueness, their talent and the value they create is simply a no-brainer.”

Women need to be integrated into the workplace at all levels, and with many having the ability to take on leadership roles, this could pave the way for more women to feel confident to enter our industry and strive to better it.

Ms Redfern believes that for this to happen, women need to put faith in themselves and put themselves forward.

“I would like women to prioritise their own advancement and success instead of leaving it to the last on the list when everything else is taken care of.

“[They should] be bold and identify what they really want from life and leadership.”

To assist with this advancement, Redfern is facilitating workshops in Melbourne and Sydney for women and those interested in the advancement of women in leadership positions and to help close the leadership gender gap.

“The workshops will provide [women] hands on, experiential learning along with practical strategies and actions to close their leadership gaps” says Redfern.



Engineering Education Australia and Lighthouse have partnered to deliver two workshops designed to address and improve business performance through advancing women in leadership.

Ready, Set, Lead for Emerging Leaders lays the foundations for future leadership success by providing key tools for making the transition from individual contributor to manager of individuals.

Purpose, Power, Presence for Middle Managers is an essential workshop for moving into higher level positions. Course content ensures participants are seen to have the business savvy needed for advancement.