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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why In-house Corporate Training is on the rise

Why In-house Corporate Training is on the rise

Within any industry, organisations continually re-evaluate how they spend their training and development budgets to ensure they increase their return on investment and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

In-house corporate training is becoming the increasingly popular format among engineering firms in Australia to educate and develop their employees. Tailoring a course can achieve greater flexibility in course delivery, increase cost effectiveness and target business outcomes.

Engineering Education Australia (EEA) has seen a significant rise in interest for highly contextualised and customised training courses throughout the first half of 2017. This has translated to a 56% increase of in-house courses delivered compared to the first half of 2016.

EEA’s Writing Winning Technical Documents expert facilitator Christine Misso explains that contextualisation works very well in her course, as she is able to assist each individual with writing their real-life documents. Having team members write professionally and concisely is a major determining factor in new business success and this comes from simply sending an email to a client, right through to submitting a complex tender.

David Trott, Senior Business Development Manager at EEA stated, “Of the eighty technical, and business and leadership courses we offer, 90% of these courses are now tailored to meet client specific requirements. Our clients appreciate that our facilitators will work with them to deliver a course to their teams that provides the tools and knowledge necessary to be more effective in their roles”.  

EEA has seen a steady upward trend of engineering firms seeking to upskill their engineers in areas such as writing technical documents, contract management, asset management, business development and engineering due diligence.

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