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Friday, 20 May 2016

$11 billion Melbourne Metro investment - a major gain for Project Managers

$11 billion Melbourne Metro investment - a major gain for Project Managers

Victoria’s recent decision to provide full funding to the $11 billion Melbourne Metro Rail project will create numerous jobs opportunities for engineers and project managers over years to come.

Released in April 2016, the Victorian State Government has committed $2.86 billion to the Melbourne Metro over forward estimates in its latest budget, as well as a guaranteed further $6.4 billion for the project across future budgets.

The transit initiative will involve the construction of a twin rail tunnel that runs through the CBD and connects the north-western and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as part of efforts to expand the capacity of the train network’s inner core.

According to Iain Polley, Engineering Education Australia facilitator, and a project management veteran with over three decades of experience, the Metro project will become a major generator of employment opportunities for engineering professionals in Victoria.

“Spending on the Melbourne Metro will definitely create huge demand for engineering professionals – in particular those with project management experience,” said Polley.

“This is a massive project comprised of numerous smaller projects with multiple companies involved, and they will all need project managers for each of their areas.”

Victoria is far from the only state in Australia going through large-scale infrastructure projects. Projects such as these will play a critical role in maintaining the health and competitiveness of regional economies, while also creating major jobs opportunities for engineers.

The NSW government has launched a $20 billion infrastructure program as part of its Rebuilding NSW plan. This includes the construction of major motorways in Sydney such as WestConnex and NorthConnex, as well as the investment of $6 billion in regional areas.

The recently established Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility will also channel $5 billion in funds to projects such as airport and sea port expansions in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

According to Polley, this spate of infrastructure investment will create strong demand for engineering project managers, given the increasing importance of these roles to the creation of modern infrastructure assets.

“The requirements within the industry for those working on infrastructure projects are greater than they’ve ever been,” he said. “There’s pressure on everyone to ensure that everything is achieved on time and with the money that’s available.

“For this reason infrastructure initiatives all require project management expertise to ensure that they’re kept within budget and delivered on schedule.”

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