Engineers Australia's Graduate Program

Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program provides opportunity for an early return on investment through building graduate capability to drive business results.

Designed to be engaging and flexible, the Program features industry relevant content that has been developed in consultation with engineering organisations.

Key outcomes of the Program include growing valuable engineering graduates into confident decision makers on their way to becoming Chartered ready. Upon successful completion, participants can apply for credit towards a Graduate Certificate from Deakin University, with a pathway to a Master’s degree.


Features and Benefits


  • Internationally recognised competencies underpin the Program, which is delivered through EngLearn; our interactive Learning Management System
  • Creating a culture of ‘Chartership’ through analysis and detailed understanding of the competencies


Developed and delivered by knowledge experts

  • The collaborative approach taken when developing the Program with DeakinPrime embraced evidence based learning and the latest findings of neuroscience and education


Opportunity to customise the offering and adapt to employer needs

  • Driving change requires formal approaches when providing new skills to graduates in support of organisational visions and working methods
  • Through a client engagement model, pain points and business growth needs are identified. The Program offering is then customised based on these requirements and aligned to Chartered competencies
  • Customised reporting is available for organisations, allowing you to track the progress of participants at any time ensuring transparency and visibility


A structured way to develop graduates and future leaders

  • Providing necessary work and life skills through course topics such as self-management, emotional judgement, communication and team work
  • Support provided for line managers and mentors to drive knowledge sharing within organisations
  • Assisting engineers to think commercially, enabling them to provide simple, cost effective solutions to business needs
  • Global industry exposure through case studies and webinars, delivering information on the engineering landscape

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