Ready, Set, Lead for Emerging Leaders

Engineering context

Throughout their career, engineers are expected to lead and manage teams and stakeholders in a variety of During early career stages they may need to manage research or events. As they progress to more senior roles they will be expected to manage and lead teams through different projects.

This two-day course lays the foundation for future leadership success by providing key tools and knowledge for making the transition from individual contributor to manager of individuals.

Upon completion, participants will understand the 4 key elements of business acumen and Personal Purpose and ways to align actions to delivering outcomes. As well as, develop assertive communication, increase their ability to connect their team's work to organisational goals and develop a career-oriented brand. 

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Is this course for you?

This is an introductory course, which lays the foundations for future leadership success. This course is recommended for women in varying levels of the organisation and anyone connected to the development and advancement of women in an organisation.

Course Outline

    • What is leadership?
    • Leadership at Every Level
    • The Missing 33%
    • Communication styles and how to leverage difference styles
    • Delegation skills
    • Strategic relationships to support success
    • 4 key elements of business acumen
    • Personal Purpose and ways to align actions to delivering key outcomes


Learning Outcomes

Developing Your Personal Brand: From assessing their current personal brand to identifying the brand they need to exhibit in order to be effective to strategies for cultivating the brand they desire, participants gain a deep understanding of why attention to their personal brand is essential for effectiveness and career growth.

Strategic Relationships to Support Success: Participants learn how to identify the difference between tactical and strategic relationships, practice a repeatable 3-part process for developing strong internal strategic relationships and develop action plans for strengthening their internal network.

Your Leadership Mindset: One of the core elements of personal greatness is a leader’s worldview and there are certain worldviews that create strong platforms for leadership success. Participants work on extending their growth mindset, exploring what it means to have the mindset of a winner and other mindsets for success.

Your facilitator for this course

Michelle Redfern

Michelle is a current board member of Swinburne Universities Business Without Borders social enterprise and is a former board member of the Gippsland League, the AFL’s largest regional league in Victoria.

Michelle’s corporate career included leading the NAB Supplier Relationship Management transformation program, where she designed and delivered a blueprint for best in class outsourcing, supplier management, governance and innovation processes.


 Tracy Noon

Tracy brings extensive international knowledge of contemporary business leadership, HR and Talent Management challenges.

Tracy was previously Hudson’s Global Chief Corporate Services officer, responsible for the People, Marketing and Legal functions. She has also held executive positions with TMP Worldwide, AXA and Codan and earlier in her career worked with Hoffmann La-Roche and EY. Tracy has also run successful businesses in Australia and the US.


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