Engineers Writing Better Reports

Engineering context

Engineering is a profession reliant on precise detail, therefore good report writing is exceptionally important.

This one-day course is for engineers, managers and others who want to write reports that have a strong executive summary, follow a logical structure, are strategic and extremely persuasive.

It will be useful for those who write formal reports, progress reports, test reports, semi-formal proposals and formal investigation reports.

As a participant, you’ll be invited to bring along a sample or draft report that you’ll receive individual feedback on.

Upon completion of the course you’ll be able to better analyse and determine what's required in your reports, write in a clearer style and write executive summaries that are concise and informative.


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Is this course for you?

We’ve created this course for engineers, managers and anyone who wants to improve the content, structure and professionalism of their reports to ensure they're clear and easily understood.

Your facilitator for this course

Tony Malkovic is an experienced, award-winning journalist, writer and facilitator who specialises in engineering, science and technology topics.


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